New Year's Giveaway - Free DIY envelop printable!

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One of my new year goals for 2017 is to #sendmoremail. Why not? Kin and kith are the most important aspects of my life. So I've got a slew of ideas coming up to keep you reminded of keeping that connection with your friends and family warm with the written word. To kick that off, how about a FREE DIY envelop printable? Hooray!

When all the party has died down and the ups and downs of the past year have drifted into the far back of your memory, remember those who stood by you, who bought you lunch and baby-sat your kids so you could doze or just someone who gave you a word of kindness when you most needed it. Pen a little message of encouragement and gratitude to them, won't you? It won't take a lot of time. Dang, it wouldn't even cost you much. 

What you'll need:

1. Download the Stickiemail New Year's DIY Envelop Printable. Step by step instructions to make are in print as well.
2. Printer and A4 copy paper
3. Scissors
4. Adhesive such as glue, glue dots or double-sided tape
5. Pen to write your message to a loved one!

Remember to come back for more free stickers x snailmail craft resources!

Xx, Diana

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