Lion In My Way - A Game Imaginative Problem Solving, by eeBoo

Lion In My Way - A Game Imaginative Problem Solving, by eeBoo

ROAR! How would you get past a lion? Would you float over him with a balloon or offer him a cookie? Lion in My Way is a journey along a path of hazards and barriers which are overcome by the collective cleverness of the players. Armed with the unlikely tools they are dealt, imagination and some silliness, players cooperate creatively to innovate solutions that let them get home together.

Lion In My Way is an updated version of one of eeBoo's classic best-sellers, Obstacles Game. 

 "Co-operative games" were pioneered by Jim Deacon, of Family Pastimes Ltd. It is with his kind permission that we use the term to describe a few of eeBoo's offerings. These games promote a better world through truly co-operative pursuits that accomplish challenges without generating winners and losers. A game, like life, can be challenging and rewarding for all participants if the activity involves working with one another towards a common goal.

Review by Pen & Thimble CEO, Gillian Freeman:

"We’re all pretty much obsessed with this game. The premise is that you are trying to get home and there are path cards with obstacles on them. And you have “tool” cards that you use in creative ways to overcome an obstacle. We have so much fun being creative and very silly. My 5-year-old even made her own obstacle cards — a snow storm, leaf tower, and meteor shower." 

Review by TinkerLab founder and writer Rachelle Doorley:

"Obstacles: A Game of Imaginative Solutions by eeBoo is one of my family’s very favorite games, and I’ve been planning this review for some time. In this game, players take a journey along a path that’s riddled with wild obstacles (blizzard, waterfall, cave, etc.) and must overcome them from an array of unusual tools (siren, jack-in-the-box, propeller hat, etc.). The solutions are often unexpected as this game pushes players to come up with innovative and creative solutions."


  • For ages 3 and up
  • 2-5 players
  • 25 path cards + 100 tool cards
  • Hard Box: 9.5 x 1.25 x 9.25 inches
  • Winner of the Oppenheim Platinum Award