Stick A Garden (2018) - Colouring Printable

Bring a leaf of our Garden City onto your craft table with our 'Stick A Garden' colouring printable. Comes with a garden plot to 'plant' your flowers, fruits and vegetables - even keep a snail or a bee or two.

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How to turn Stickiemail's Colouring Pages into stickers:

1. After you've downloaded the PDF to your hard drive, send to print on A4 printer paper (ordinary 80 to 120gsm paper weights are acceptable).

2. Encourage child to practise colouring with colour pencils (helps with strengthening hand-eye coordination and grip for better handwriting and control).

3. Supervise child as s/he cuts out each picture with a pair of child-friendly scissors (another good coordination and hand strengthening exercise for children).

The BEST PART is here! You are now ready to insert the cut-out pictures in the Xyron 1.5inch Sticker Maker and transform them into stickers!

Watch this video if you are new to the Sticker Maker.