Sticker Makers: How It Works


Xyron Sticker Makers allow you to quickly and easily make professional-looking stickers out of virtually any flat item! Watch the video! Insert the item, pull the adhesive strip through, tear and peel sticker off! Easy-peasy!

Add Edge-to-Edge Adhesive with
No Mess, No Batteries, No Hassle!

• No peeling off at sticker corners.
• No messy glue excess or stains to clean up.
• No waiting time for wet glue to dry.
• No hassle applying adhesive to intricate items.

X-traordinary Features,
Perfect For Every Project

• Continuous adhesive roll = create stickers of almost any length!
• All units come loaded with permanent adhesive, "ready to roll"! 
• Lightweight, compact for convenient crafting on-the-go. 
• Easy and safe to use, great for crafting with children.
• Works without heat, batteries or electricity! 
• Strong hold superior to ordinary glue.
• Use them to add glitter powder! 
• Non-toxic, acid-free adhesive. 

    Easy to Refill: 1.5in

    The Xyron 1.5in Sticker Maker offers refills in permanent or repositionable adhesive to best fit project needs. The video shows how easy and quickly you can switch cartridges. 

    • Permanent adhesive will provide a firm hold on most surfaces.
    • Repositionable adhesive is great when you may need to place, reposition, and replace an item.

    Don't like refills? Go for 3in

    Fret not if refills are not your thing! The Xyron® 3in Sticker Maker is the newest addition to our line of one-of-a-kind patented sticker makers. It is currently the only "green" recyclable unit with no refill option - no need to worry about fiddling with refills or getting them mixed up.

    Need a bigger unit?

    See our all-in-one Xyron 9in Creative Station which can make stickers, magnets and laminated projects.

    Sounds awesome?

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