StickieMail Kits - How It Works


StickieMail Kits are monthly subscriptions carefully curated by Diana. We scour the world for awesome goodies, handpicking a unique and tasteful array to bring you two extraordinary monthly subscriptions. 

We hope our Sticker Packs or Snailmail Kits bring a pop to your post every month and help you send your snailmail in style!  Read on to decide which subscription best inspires you.

Sticker Packs

Our stickers range from the glittery to the geometric, the kitschy to the kawaii, the cutesy to the classy, even the vintage and out-of-print ones. We also design and produce limited edition stickers in small batches by StickieMail. You will receive different pattern sets of stickers every month.

That's not all. We include fun pieces like postcards, notecards, patterned paper and unusual washi tape samplings which you can sticker with and send off to a friend! If you're happy and you know it, stickie up and shout hurrah!

Snailmail Kits

Our Snailmail Kits contain a whole load of stickers PLUS awesome stationery goodies to craft up a whirlwind of lovely letters and correspondence. You’ll get a heart-throbbing galore of:

• Rubber stamps
• Stickers & seals
• Patterned paper & message cards
• Envelope stencils
• Vintage postal stamps & ephemera 
• Writing tools such as pens, pencils, erasers, rulers
• General paper goods such as letter sets, sticky pads, gift tags
• AND other surprise freebies such as pompoms, confetti, wrapping strings, etc - all that you can craft with and use to make beautiful snailmail. 

    How Subscription Works

    • Subscribers enjoy substantial discounts and a welcome gift. 
    • Subscriptions are pre-paid = No recurring charges.
    • Subscriptions do NOT automatically renew = No rude shocks.
    • Loyalty Discounts for subscription renewals.
    • If you subscribe to both the Sticker Pack and Snailmail Kit, we will ensure you do not receive the same stickers from both subscriptions.
    • Cancel anytime & get refunded. Read about our cancellation policy.
    • When you subscribe, the first instalment will be shipped in 3-5 working days. Subsequent instalments are shipped around 15th of every month.

    Sounds awesome?