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BUTTERFLIES, Sticker Kaleidoscopes by Mrs Grossmans


BUTTERFLIES, Sticker Kaleidoscopes by Mrs Grossmans

All you need to make a sticker mandala art masterpiece.

Sticker kaleidoscope is a collection of stickers positioned in a circular, symmetrical pattern in the finished work. Just follow the pre-printed template as you paste the stickers and watch as your eye-catching, alluring sticker kaleidoscope comes alive in its fullness of colour and form.

Each set includes: 1 pre-printed template on acid free card stock (8.5 x 11 in.), 1 sticker sheet, and marketing sheet wrap in cello bag.


To add a lovely finish, set the completed artwork in a photo frame to protect it from dust, water and dirt. Sign off at the bottom as you would with a masterpiece and present it to a friend or family member as a show of love and appreciation. 

Collect all 8 outstanding themed designs.

Butterflies Sticker Kaleidoscope

  • A stunning collection of brightly-hued butterflies encircle blooms in this design.
  • Sophisticated enough for adult nature lovers and children too.
  • Sticker sheet contains more than 38 stickers.