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爸 妈 - Chinese Printables, by Stickiemama

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There are 4 pages in the PDF - a word-hunt sheet for a pair of words, 2 large character sheets, and 1 writing practice sheet.

How to use Stickiemama's Chinese Printables with your child:

1. When hunting for the word, use dot-dot paints, transparent counting chips or just circle with a pencil/marker.

2. Laminate or slip the large character sheets inside a clear plastic folder. When forming the Chinese radicals, use playdough, sticks or whatever manipulatives you already have. You can also use fingers or erasable markers to trace. 

3. You will need a dice and a token to play the rainbow race word game - ask your child to read the word that the token lands in. 

4. Older kids who are ready to write may practise writing the character with the writing sheets.

5. You can also upload the work-hunt sheet onto Pigment app on iPad. Utilise the -auto-fill function for your child to search and tap.

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