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Letters To Me When I Grow Up
Letters To Me When I Grow Up
Letters To Me When I Grow Up
Letters To Me When I Grow Up

Letters To Me When I Grow Up

Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.

A great gift of a budding young writer! S/he can write or draw inside each of these 12 letters; fill them with stories, dreams for the future, and advice for their grown-up selves! 

Fill them with stories about today and dreams of tomorrow. Draw a floor plan of their current room. Tell their future selves all about their closest friends and favourite places.

The letters can be sealed with the included stickers and stored someplace safe. Years from now, when the kids have grown up, they can break the seals to enjoy who they once were, and all that they've become.

They will only be a kid once! Equip them to capture the magic of childhood with this title.

    What are the prompts?

    1) When I imagine myself all grown up...
    [pick from list of activities]

    2) My room is like this...
    [draw a floorplan, include favorite items]

    3) When I was little...
    [ask family members for stories]

    4) Here's a little bit about my family...
    ["likes to talk about x, likes to eat x," etc.]

    5) Let me tell you about school...
    ["my favorite teacher is x, I'm reading x," etc.]

    6) My friends and I love to...
    ["At school we x, After school we x," etc.]

    7) I know it by heart...
    [important songs, quotes, poems, etc.]

    8) This is a very special place...
    [draw favourite place, write about it too]

    9) If I become a world leader...
    [5 things to try to accomplish]

    10) This is what's on my mind right now...
    ["I'm thinking a lot about x, I'm feeling x," etc.]

    11) A pep talk for my future self...
    ["If you have a crummy day..., If you're nervous...," etc.]

    12) Happy Birthday to Me!
    [Fill in the blank birthday wishes]