Life On Earth 100pc Puzzle, by eeBoo
Life On Earth 100pc Puzzle, by eeBoo

Life On Earth 100pc Puzzle, by eeBoo

  • For ages 5 and up
  • 18" x 27" Puzzle

Puzzles are the perfect project for little hands! The process of piecing together a puzzle aids in the development of pattern, shape, and color recognition. Children feel challenged by the task, and proud of its completion! eeBoo puzzles are printed on recycled greyboard using vegetable-based ink, so parents can feel confident in the quality and safety of each set. This 100-piece puzzle is perfect for children age 5 and older.

Melissa Sweet (@melissasweetillustrator) is the illustrator of many eeBoo favorites including the Life on Earth 100 Piece Puzzle. Melissa lives in Maine where the natural world is a big part of the landscape and inspires many of her illustrations. Her favorite color is fuchsia and every other shade of pink, too! Melissa loves to go to her local farmer’s markets because her current yard is only big enough for two dogs to run around so her gardening is limited to potted plants.

Flowers, berries, beavers, bees 
An owl, a cardinal in the trees. 
What else? You'll find out as you do it! 
So try this puzzle! Get right to it!