Customer Care

Where can I watch videos to learn how to use the Xyron Sticker Makers or Creative Stations?

Please watch our How-To videos for Xyron Sticker Makers and Xyron Creative Stations.

I accidentally pulled out a longer strip of adhesive than I needed. Can I manually roll the excess portion back into the sticker maker or the refill cartridge?

No, you cannot return excess adhesive tape back inside the cartridge or the sticker maker. So just be careful and judicious with the amount of adhesive tape you pull out each time when making stickers.

*Tip! Make several stickers in sequence at a time before tearing them off the sticker maker and try to space them apart with as little unused space as possible.

I tinkered with the 1.5in refill; the adhesive paper and the plastic cover have come apart and out of the refill cartridge. Much of the sticker strip is still unused. Can this be fixed?

All Xyron refill cartridges are designed to plug-and-play – that means you just remove them from the packaging and insert them into the sticker maker or creaive station to play right away – no tinkering is required.

Please refrain from tampering with the refill cartridges in any way other than the instructions provided for using the sticker maker or creative station in the correct manner, as you will risk damaging the refill cartridge/sticker maker/creative station. Misuse disqualifies your purchase from warranty protection.

If you are up for a challenge, you can try fixing it yourself. Peruse our video here:

What warranty is available for the Xyron Creative Station? 

The Xyron Creative Station and Creative Station Lite, purchased in Singapore from our approved stockists or directly from the official Xyron agent -, are covered under 1-year local warranties for manufacturer defects. You do not get this buying from other online or overseas sources!

That means, your unit can be repaired or replaced locally if the damage is caused by material or workmanship issues by the manufacturer, Xyron.  

  • Please keep the original printed or e-receipt as proof of purchase and contact us at
  • An address will be provided to you to send in the unit along with the receipt for damage assessment, which will be ready in 4-6 weeks. If the damage is assessed to have arisen from manufacturer defects, a replacement unit will be arranged for a 1-for-1 exchange. Goods sold are not returnable/refundable (unless out of stock).

Where can I buy refills if I would like to walk into a store to purchase?

Find the list of our local stockists here.