Customise our printable envelope design to your own!

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Downloaded and made our FREE DIY Confetti Printable Envelope project yet?!

It's fun, free, easy to make with a crafty child, and takes only minutes to download, print and make!

The finished envelope size is pretty neat and compact, roughly 9x13.5cm - great for little thank you notes and messages or even just for surprising your lucky recipient with super cute sticker flakes. 

What's more, I want to share 2 simple ways you can digitally personalise the printable file and give it your own swag in under 5 minutes!  

If you are savvy with Photoshop/Elements:

1. Adjust colour

Go to Enhance>Adjust Colour>Adjust Hue/Saturation. Play with the options available to change the colour combination of your envelope to your liking.

If you are into monochrome palette, go to Enhance>Convert to Black & White and stretch the contrast to the maximum. 

2. Customise text for every occasion

I'm really into hand-letting but as an amateur, I'm still using practice sheets. For a really beautiful finishing, I use cursive or hand-lettered fonts like Bonjour to address my printable envelopes or insert a short message like "Thank You!".

You can customise the cover text for every occasion, from "Happy Birthday!" to "Congrats!" - making this a really useful all-purpose printable envelope template.

You will need to rotate your text box roughly by 44% anticlockwise to match it to the angle of the template.

So simple! Enjoy digitally customising the envelope to your preferences and needs!

Xx. Diana

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